Engagement Gifting + DIY Bouquets!

Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by a coffee mug that says “Does this ring make me look engaged?”

I’m sorry, I had to.

There are two types of brides in this world: the bride that LOVES the above and the bride that doesn’t (I’m the latter if you haven’t gotten that by now btw). Just like everyone in this world, we all have different likes and dislikes and if you want your gift to go to good use, take a second to understand WHO you are gifting. Just because you like something, doesn’t mean whoever you are gifting will so keep that in mind next time you decide to order for His and Hers matching bathing suits. This rule really applies to anyone that is looking to give a gift. It’s easy, if you want to be thoughtful, make the gift about them!

PSA aside, one of my dearest friends just had her engagement party and I had the opportunity to put something pretty cute together for her and her fiancé. It included items for her to use, her fiancé to use as well as things they can enjoy together! In addition, I stepped away from my signature gift box because at this point she probably has about 3 of them already lol so I opted for a reusable gift bag by Moko & Company. Both her and her fiancé love a good wine and enjoy cooking together so I included both elements as well. Lastly, after being in their home a number of times, I noticed they have elegant nautical pieces sprinkled through out the rooms so I included two Grit & Grace hand painted oyster shells they can use for table decor when hosting guests!

She absolutely LOVES flowers so my intention was to go to the local florist and get her a bouquet until I realized my hydrangeas were in full bloom! I had a pretty difficult time getting the flowers to stay inside of the bag without toppling over. My first attempt was to tie a pretty bow around the stems to keep them together which worked until I put them in the bag. I also needed to wrap the stems in a wet paper towel for them to stay hydrated for the next few hours and avoid wilting. I was down to my last few sheets of paper towels and then it happened….LIGHT BULB MOMENT: I can use the cardboard as a sturdy holder!

Step ONE: Materials! An empty paper towel roll, extra paper towels (about 4 sheets) and your neighbors flowers (JK PLEASE use your own). Not shown is some tape, water, plastic wrap and scissors. I’m not cool enough for this to be an #ad but I do prefer Bounty as they absorb the most water. Of course, any paper towels will do.

Step TWO: Measure the length of the stems inside of the cardboard and be sure to add about an inch or two extra so you can fold at the bottom!

Step THREE: Discard the extra cardboard and remove the holder that you are using from the stems. It’s time to soak the paper towels in water (I used about 4 sheets).

I kept the ribbon on for decorative reason but you can use a simple rubberband.

Step FOUR: Wrap the stems in the paper towel and use a rubber band to secure everything in place. Make sure the paper towels are covering the cut stems!

Step FIVE and SIX: Soak the wrapped stems in a glass of water and ring out any excess water the paper towels absorb. You dont want the paper towels to be dripping with water. Fold the bottom of the cardboard and seal shut with tape or staples.

Step SEVEN: Once you wring out excess water, wrap stems in plastic wrap to ensure the water doesn’t seep through the cardboard when you place in your DIY holder!

Step EIGHT: Place the wrapped stems inside the cardboard holder and now you have a sturdy handle to place inside your gift bag! This worked perfectly!

The flowers stood upright in the bag ALL night and they DIDNT WILT AT ALL! I was so pleased with this gifting hack that I had to share with everyone. I will definitely be using this trick in the future.

Fresh flowers are an easy and inexpensive (when they’re from your garden) way to instantly make a gift that much more beautiful. When you partner great packaging with useful and thoughtful pieces, youre gift will making a lasting impression for years to come!


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