Top 5 Favorite Hostess Gifts

No matter the party size, entertaining is no easy feat, which is why your Holiday host or hostess deserves a little thank you for their efforts!

Naturally, my first instinct is to always turn to Pinterest when I’m having a bit of a creative block and the list is usally endless (and sometimes overwhelming) so I’ve curated a list of my 5 favorite Hostess Gifts to bring to your next party!

1.) Dress up your wine bottles with a tea towel and sprig of greenery!

Pro-tip: Purchase a bundle of tea towels to have on hand and ready to use whenever you have an event to go to!

2.) DIY Homemade Croutons!

What sweet and different gift for Thanksgiving. Link to the recipe is in the caption!

Pro-tip: Ditch the plastic bag and put the croutons in a glass jar that can be reused! I found these on Amazon for just under $5 a piece!


That’s right–BREAKFAST! Bring the host or hostess a breakfast dish! Chances are they have enough of dessert already and since they’ve been hard at work putting together the perfect evening, the last thing they want to do is think of the next day so why not treat them to breakfast!

I’ve found this beautiful French Toast recipe that I cannot wait to try! Link to recipe in the caption!

Pro-tip: Make the French toast in a casserole dish that the hostess can keep! There are so many reasonably priced dishes on Amazon. This one is my favorite!

4.) DIY Herb Infused Olive Oil

It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, trust me! All you need is an olive oil cruet (that’s fancy speak for the bottle you see below), good quality olive oil of your choice (I prefer California Olive Ranch) and herbs of your choice!

Here’s a link to an amazing garlic infused oil recipe

Pro Tip: Similar to the wine gift, you can dress up your olive oil bottle with a tea towel and sprig of whatever herb you used! Feeling real fancy? Show up with a freshly made baguette!

5.) A Thoughtful Gift Box curated by Lavender + Pine Gifting

Speaking of olive oil, ahem.

There’s a number of awesome host/hostess gifts listed in the shop but my favorite gift (appropriately called Mangia! which is the imperative form of mangiare that means “to eat” in Italian) is the PERFECT gift to bring to a party! Add a sweet note and “Thank You” gift tag and you’ll definitely be invited next time 😉

Pro Tip: Nothing additional to add because this gift has it all!

Well, that wraps up this list and I hope you find these helpful! If you plan to gift any of the above, or have any of your own ideas to share, tag me on instagram @lavenderandpinegifting ! I’d love to see what you put together.

Lastly, and above all else, enjoy this time with your loved ones. We should be grateful for all that we have to give and receive every day. This time of year just makes everything feel that much more special.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.




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