8 Fun and Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas that Don’t Break the Bank! (Free Gift Tags Included)

I absolutely love this time of year. The season of giving is so special and gift wrapping adds another layer of excitement to be shared along with the gifts themselves! Some people eye roll and panic at the thought of wrapping gifts and then… there’s me. Any chance I get, I’ll bee line straight to the wrapping section at Homegoods or find myself constantly brainstorming DIY ideas to make a gift look beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the person that ALWAYS waits until the last minute to wrap but I always do my best work under pressure lol.

I firmly believe that gifting should be a fun experience from purchase to packaging and should not feel like a chore but I totally get that it’s not for everyone! That’s why I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to spend a fortune or know how to tie the perfect bow to make a gift beautiful. There are so many unique, fun and even recyclable ways to dress up a gift. Some of these can even be arts and crafts projects to do with your families!

Before I dive into the different ways to wrap a gift, I wanted to add in a few useful money saving tips my mom taught me over the years:

1.)    Save the ribbons from gifts you receive, if they aren’t mangled and torn of course. You’ll be surprised how much money you will save on this alone (Pro-tip: If they are fabric, you can iron or steam out the wrinkles)

2.)    Save the gift boxes and gift bags. Many stores offer gift boxes to hold clothing. When checking out, ask for a few extra. If you’re gifting your family and collecting all of the wrapping that was thrown and torn to shreds, keep the boxes and reuse them for next year, they fold flat for easy storage. I’m not a fan of gift bags because they are expensive but whenever I receive them, I save and reuse them!

3.)    Save your brown paper bags. If you’re a 30 something like me, there was a point in your life when your parents would wrap your text books in a brown paper bag (because they refused to buy cool book socks at the Scholastic Fair). I get it now..and way to be eco-friendly mom and dad! Take your whole foods bags, Amazon box brown paper filling and reuse it as gift wrap! You’ll see below all of the ways you can dress this up!

I store all of the above items in bins stored away in my basement. I found these fabric bins that are perfect!

Now, let’s dive into some gift wrapping ideas. I love that everyone has their own way of doing things these days and what doesn’t work for someone will work for someone else! Again, you do not need to know how to tie the perfect bow to make a gift beautiful and below proves that:

1.) Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping: This is adorable and super easy. Head here for the complete how-to! If you’re out of paper bags, head here for a roll of brown kraft paper from Amazon. If you don’t have access to greens, Home Depot or Lowes will give you the wreath scraps that fall from the wreaths and garlands, all you have to do is ask! Pro-tip: always check for bugs! These are live greens that are from outside so always look for crawlies (I know, gross, but I learned the hard way and I don’t want you to go through what I did)


2.) DIY Star and Garland Wrapping! I found this SO fun to do and you can make the garland with anything: Large paper confetti (NOT to be confused with glitter), stickers, even wrapped peppermints! How cute would that be!?


3.) Cookie Cutter Packaging? GENIUS. Along the same path as the garland, this gift wrapping idea takes holiday cookie cutters into play! How sweet would this be for hostess gift wrapping!?


4.) Santa Bags! I stumbled across these last year when I was bringing a bunch of gifts to work. What a fun way to drop off gifts to kids and you can reuse these every year 🙂


5.) Gift Wrapping with…fabric? YES! I’m seeing more and more creative, zero waste ways to wrap gifts and I’m here for it! Also known as Furoshiki, the art of Japanese gift wrapping takes zero waste to the next level by taking a piece of unused fabric and elegantly wrapping your gift. You can find the full how-to in the captioned link!


6.) No bow required! Simple and beautiful. All you need is twine, brown paper, and sprig of greenery!


7.) Gift Tags! By now you know that I have an obsession with adding accessories to gifts. Greenery, cookie cutters, wreaths, candy and GIFT TAGS! Growing up, my parents always put our names on each gift in our respective gift piles. I remember the excitement I felt seeing the To/From Santa written across each label.

If you’re looking for adorable gift tags but don’t have time to order, I was able to find this FREE printable with a few options to choose from.


8.) MORE Gift Tags! Looking for tags that are a little more modern? These are beautiful and perfect for last minute gifting with this FREE printable

Being that we are only 8 days away from Christmas, I hope these ideas help you out as you deal with the chaos this next week brings. The holidays always spark creativity and I’m thrilled to share these fun ideas with you.

Use any of the above ideas for your gifts this Christmas? Tag me on Instagram @lavenderandpinegifting !!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!




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