Client Gifts: 4 Ways Gifting Can Help Your Business

All of my custom clients are women business owners in the wedding industry— some work directly with couples that are getting married while others are Coaches or Web Designers that teach Wedding Professionals in some way to elevate their business and enhance their craft. Although their expertise may vary, they all have this incredible passion to work hard and give harder…

When I say give harder, I’m not talking about the actual act of giving a gift (even though that can be part of it) I’m talking about how they give every ounce of themselves to their clients. To them, it’s not about the sale, it’s about how they can create something beautiful and everlasting. They truly go above and beyond their roles on paper and develop WAY more than a client + vendor relationship, they create a connection on an emotional level, they roll up their sleeves and support, guide and educate any way they can–and they absolutely love doing it.

“I LOVE giving gifts and I want to send my clients something nice, I just don’t know what…”

Let’s be real here—Between fielding client calls, in-person meetings (which have now turned into digital meetings), site visits, engagement shoots, vendor meet-ups, styled shoots, social media management, business education, planning, research, website work on top of everything CAN you add gifting to that never ending to do list?!

“I want to send my client’s a gift to thank them by I don’t have time!”

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should outsource your client gifts, I’m here to share 5 reasons why investing in a gift service is not only beneficial to your clients, but to your business!

1.) Gifting Elevates Your Clients Experience

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like receiving a beautifully packaged gift? I’ll wait…

That’s right. Literally no one.

Gifting is WAY more than the gift itself. It’s a love language for a reason. Simply put, think about how you feel when you receive a gift–you feel noticed, special, cared for, appreciated–all the feels. Sending a client gift, whether it’s a Welcome, Thank You or Holiday gift, sets the right tone and shows that you are excited to create an incredible, valuable experience beyond the transaction. Your clients chose you, they invested in you and by sending your client a gift, you are showing them that you appreciate the leap of faith they’ve taken in you!

2.) Each Gift is a Marketing Tool

When you invest in client gifts to build, strengthen and retain relationships, you are now implementing an additional element of marketing to the mix–that’s right…I smell ROI too. Gifts are a great way to enhance the value of your brand so when you send a gift to your client, they share on their social media, talk about it with their friends and refer to their network which only increases your businesses reach. If you gift products that are fun and reusable-your clients will remember you AFTER your time with them is up and will keep you top of mind every time they use them.

3.) Outsourcing WILL Save You Time

Number one pain point right here. Time. Or, lack thereof. From one business owner to another, I KNOW you have a million things to do so the thought of designing, ordering, assembling and shipping gifts probably sounds completely overwhelming. If there is one thing I have learned in this whirlwind of business ownership, it’s to ask for help when you need it and if client gifts are on your list of things to get done, DEL-E-GATE! Gifting is a job in and of itself (trust me). Even if you want to inquire about how things are done, I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have about the service and guide you every step of the way.

4.) Your Personal Values + Supporting Small Businesses = WIN, WIN

All gift designs are an extension of you and your brand. Our Design Experience sources products that are not only aesthetically in line with your brand but we ensure the products support your values as well. Whether you want to include products that are local to your area, women owned business, philanthropic causes, etc. whatever values are important to you, we help you find makers who support what’s near and dear to your heart. Each product is carefully sourced and approved by you, the gifter!

I hope this helps shed some light on the benefits of gifting your clients. If you are looking to dive into Custom Gifting or have questions on where to even start, pricing, products (whatever it may be) I’m here to help.

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