Let’s rewind back to early 2018 when I was newly engaged and ready to ask my bridal party to stand by me on my wedding day...

I was in the market for gift boxes that were equal parts useful and beautiful. I’ve always been known for my gift baskets at showers and special events so making my own was a no brainer and most likely expected LOL. Naturally, I hit Pinterest like a madwoman fishing for ideas but came up pretty short in what exactly I was looking for. Many of the gifts were kitschy and not my style so I started from scratch. I wanted to gift my girls something special and useful. I went to a number of my favorite local shops to start collecting some goodies, found really nice crates and began assembling! It just so happened that I was attending a number of baby and bridal showers in the same month so I had a number of baskets I was curating. So what do you do when you make something you’re proud of? YOU POST ON INSTAGRAM! After receiving a crazy amount of feedback and questions about selling pre-curated gift baskets, I had my AH-HA moment: Not every bride knows where to start when proposing to her

about lavEnder + pine

bridal party and to be honest, she probably doesn’t want to add ANOTHER task to her already lengthy to- do list.  Not every couple has the time to put together 60 gifts for their out of town wedding guests and make sure they’re delivered at the hotels. Not every executive has the time to think about 150 thank you gifts for their colleagues and partners for attending their annual speaking engagement. Does a parent really have the time to shop for a housewarming gift for their friend or think of a get-well gift for their family member? Lavender + Pine is here to gift you your time back while you gift those who you care about! What was once baskets for parties has evolved into beautifully curated gift boxes for all occasions. I’ve turned a hobby into a full-service business that transforms ALL of the gifting logistics (thought, sourcing, taste testing, candle smelling, assembling, card writing, bow tying, delivering and everything in between) into a seamless and exciting experience for you and your clients!

" ...full-service business that transforms ALL of the gifting logistics into a seamless and exciting experience for you and your clients! "

meet aLexandra

the heart behind lavender + Pine

Hi, there!

I’m Alexandra...

... born and raised in Westchester County, New York and currently living in Fairfield County, CT with my husband Marc and rescue pup, Callie. Family is everything to me- my mother and father are high school sweethearts still madly in love, total opposites, and two of the greatest people on this planet. My brothers are my best friends but don’t be fooled, that wasn’t always the case, middle child syndrome is a real thing my friends. My in-laws are thoughtful, kind and supportive! My husband is incredibly hard working, hilarious, patient and my best friend. He has zero idea how to load the dishwasher properly and refuses to use hangers. I can’t help but laugh as I write this because I know I’m not alone in this. I'm a homebody, foodie, have an insane love with candles and spa days, love to laugh and make people laugh and a huge fan of all music. I’m Christmas obsessed (obviously), can never say no to chocolate or go a day without coffee. Want a peak into what goes on behind the scenes? Follow all that is Lavender + Pine on Instagram

why lavender?

 I’ve worked in Client Services for ten years so when it comes down to client needs, I have a decade of experience in communication, follow up and execution. I understand the importance of sound logistics and professionalism in business and know that when an investment is being made, the importance of communication and follow through is key for a positive experience.

Growing up, my mom would keep lavender sachets in our drawers to keep everything smelling fresh. It’s my favorite scent, will always remind me of childhood and has incredible benefits: increased sleep quality, reduces anxiety, healing capabilities and many more!

I founded Lavender + Pine because I've always loved gifting-- the thoughtfulness behind it, the act of giving and the gratitude that is expressed. Even when I was little, I knew that giving a gift made someone feel special and that it showed appreciation. We give people gifts to show them that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives. A gift is something you can hold in your hand and say, "Look, he was thinking of me," or, "She remembered me." The gift itself is a symbol of a intentional thought so why not make that gift beautiful and useful!