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I absolutely love this time of year. The season of giving is so special and gift wrapping adds another layer of excitement to be shared along with the gifts themselves! Some people eye roll and panic at the thought of wrapping gifts and then… there’s me. Any chance I get, I’ll bee line straight to the […]


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No matter the party size, entertaining is no easy feat, which is why your Holiday host or hostess deserves a little thank you for their efforts! Naturally, my first instinct is to always turn to Pinterest when I’m having a bit of a creative block and the list is usally endless (and sometimes overwhelming) so […]


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When Marc and I got engaged back in 2018 it was a no brainer that I was going to be the HBIC in regards to all things gifting. I mean, our engagement is what kicked off this entire business. Side note: I’ll never understand why I was crazy enough to plan a wedding AND start […]


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..but I went for it anyway. About 19+ months and a boatload of mistakes later, here we are. I’m here for several reasons: aside from the obvious, I want to share my journey as I grow this business, explain what got me here, introduce you to those who helped me along the way and give […]


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