Morning Commute - Charcoal


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Great for the Morning Commuter! Whether it be for a close coworker that you want to surprise or use as company onboarding gifts to all hires.

Recommended Gift Occasions: welcome gifts for new hires, onboarding gifts for new hires, gift for someone with new job.


+ Colonial Blend Ground Coffee
Contents: 5oz roasted ground coffee bean blend from the East Indies (Sumatra), and West Indies (Jamaica). Colonial Blend Coffee is a balanced blend, with fruity notes balanced by richer Sumatran black coffee flavors.

+W&P Porter Ceramic Mug- 12 oz

Start your morning smart and reduce your eco-impact with the Porter Mug. Crafted with durable ceramic and wrapped in protective matte silicone, this reusable mug is a high-quality replacement for disposable, plastic or metal to-go mugs.
Dishwasher Safe/Microwave Safe /BPA Free


Mini Kraft Tuck Top Box
White Satin Ribbon
White Crinkle Paper
Florals Optional at Checkout