Tea Time Gift Box


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This Tea Time Gift Box is a great treat for someone who likes to savor each moment! 


+Your Choice of Harney & Sons Paris Tea, English Breakfast or Wedding Tea

Paris Tea: Reminiscent of a Parisian favorite, a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, it contains a hint of lemony Bergamot. Each tea sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea. Ingredients: Black tea, oolong tea, black currant flavor, vanilla flavor, bergamot oil, caramel flavor. Contains natural flavors. 

English Breakfast Tea: There are many versions of English Breakfast tea. Harney & Sons has an ancient pedigree. Researchers have traced its heritage back to the black tea the English drank regularly in the 1800's. It is, simply, China Black 100% Keemun. A simple way to start your hectic day! Ingredients: Black teas.

Celebration Tea: Ingredients: Black tea, apricot pieces, passion plum flavor, apricot flavor, blue cornflowers, hazelnut flavor, cinnamon spice flavor. Contains natural flavors. Caffeinated.

+The Spice House Vanilla Bean Sugar
This Vanilla bean sugar, blended with rich Bourbon Islands vanilla beans and pure cane sugar, adds magic to French toast, oatmeal, or plain old buttered toast. Delicious sprinkled in tea! 

+Gold Leaf Teaspoon

Medium Wood Slide Top Box, Kraft Tuck Top Box or White Tuck Top Box
White Satin Ribbon
White Crinkle Fill
Florals Optional at Checkout