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Bridesmaid Proposal Gift


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A sweet gift to ask your best friends to stand by you on your Big Day! Great way to spread the excitement and get ready to celebrate together!


+Anellabees Honey Caramels

Pure melt-in-your-mouth magic, all from fewer than eight ingredients. Anellabees honey caramels combine the perfect amount of honey, organic sugar, butter, and heavy cream for a classic caramel taste, only better! Each small batch is made without preservatives, free of corn syrup and soy lecithin, and individually wrapped in wax paper.

+Travel Tin Candle | Eucalyptus + Lavender 
Breathe easy and relax. A custom blend of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils - designed to vitalize and refresh your senses. Has floral notes and a balsamic, woody undertone. Volume: 6 oz.

+Viski - Summit Champagne Puller - Copper
Easily and effortlessly remove the cork with this reliable spring hinge design.

+Blush Apothecary Matches

White Box with Magnetic Enclosure
Blush Satin Ribbon
White Crinkle Fill

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