custom gift design has a required minimum number of orders

Speaking at an upcoming Sales conference and want to welcome 150 of your best partners? Hosting a VIP event? Is your annual holiday party for all 400 of your employees coming up? Nix the branded pens, fidget spinners and boring swag that ends up in a bottomless junk drawer. Elevate your gifting game and stand out! We will work with you to design gifts that are not only inclusive of your brand but adds a personal touch to ensure your recipients know how much you value them.

corporate gifts


step 01

Thank you so much for reaching out. We are so excited to to chat about your gifting needs. While we do our best to ensure all messages are answered in a timely manner, please excuse the delay as it may take about 1-3 days to get back to you!


Deposit and design proposal

step 02

Upon receiving your form, we will reach out to you to discuss additional details and your needs to help you decide if you would like to move forward in working with Lavender + Pine. Pressed for time? Let us know what day/time works best for you to discuss and we will make it happen.

step 03

step 04

step 05

Following Step 2, a design proposal will be created including visuals and pricing information. Should you want to move forward, a deposit is to be paid and we we will continue to work collaboratively until it's perfect! 

Once the final design is approved, final payment is to be submitted and we are ready to order everything up for assembly! 
Need branded tags with your logo? No problem! Send us a .JPG file and we will have them made for you. Have stationary of your own you want to include? Just ship them all to us and we will include in your gifts at no additional cost.

final payment and assembly

We will handle everything regarding shipping and delivery so you don't have to lift a finger!