Mentoring for Your Gift Box Business


Before turning my side hustle, Lavender + Pine, into a full time, 6- figure business, I worked in the Media + Advertising industry for 10 years specializing in Client and Account services for National Broadcast TV and Radio. With an extensive background in serving blue chip clients and C- level executives, my decade of experience in operations, training and project execution has transferred over seamlessly and continues to contribute to the success of Lavender + Pine. There is a lot of over glamourization of entrepreneurship on social media that gives a very rose colored view of business ownership and that overnight success is real. I'm here to tell you that ebbs and flows in business is a common occurrence, "no sales" doesn't mean your failing and working with celebrities and influencers isn't all that's cracked up to be!

Real Talk....

What's included in your investment?

My Coaching Style

Specifics are KEY! Specific strategies and practical advice is necessary to move forward. No fluff here. I'm more than happy to share what I use in my business- and what hasn't worked that has cost me money! Honest and constructive feedback are necessary to help you build a business that you love that actually pays you- so if I think you're doing something that won't work, I will let you know.

Since our timei is limited, every second needs to be as productive as possible. The form above was created to ensure I come prepared so that we can tackle as much as possible. I'm an open book and happy to talk about anything in my business that might help you!