Mentoring for Your Gift Box Business

My first investment in my business was a 1:1 mentoring call with Torrance Hart, the Owner + Founder of Teak & Twine.

The honest truth is that I was nervous about paying to talk to someone--- I didn't really understand the benefit at the time but what I did know is that I had strong aspirations for my business and Torrance had the experience to help me get there.

Following our call, I immediately felt empowered, focused and ready for the next step. That call was the reason why I rebranded to Lavender + Pine, leveled up my designs and niched my business.

I finally understood the value of investing in myself and my business and part of my goal is to help you come to the same realization! Mentoring sessions are a great way to filter through the overwhelm of where you should focus or what to do next in your business. Talking to someone who has been there saves you time and stress in figuring it all out on your own.


Before turning my side hustle, Lavender + Pine, into a full time, 6- figure business, I worked in the Media + Advertising industry for 10 years specializing in Client and Account services for National Broadcast TV and Radio. With an extensive background in serving blue chip clients and C- level executives, my decade of experience in operations, training and project execution has transferred over seamlessly and continues to contribute to the success of Lavender + Pine. There is a lot of over glamourization of entrepreneurship on social media that gives a very rose colored view of business ownership and that overnight success is real. I'm here to tell you that ebbs and flows in business is a common occurrence, "no sales" doesn't mean your failing and working with celebrities and influencers isn't all that's cracked up to be!

My Coaching Style

Specifics are KEY! Strategy and practical advice is necessary to move forward and that's exactly what you will get in our session together. I'm more than happy to share what I use in my business- and what hasn't worked that has cost me money! Honest and constructive feedback are necessary to help you build a business that you love that actually pays you- so if I think you're doing something that won't work, I will let you know. No fluff here.

Since our time is limited, every second needs to be as productive as possible. The form below was created to ensure I come prepared to talk business.

Real Talk....

I have spent thousands of dollars on courses, programs and coaching to help move the needle in my business. Some worked and some didn't. My goal is to help guide you with what you need to do to get to the next step in your business and that guidance will only help if you put in the work that follows. With that said, I HIGHLY recommend you have an honest conversation with yourself to see if this, and any other investment you plan to make, is the right move for you and the trajectory of your business. 

If you have any questions for me that will help you with your decision, Contact Us and I will be happy to help out

What's included in your investment?

1.) A structured 60-minute 1:1 Zoom coaching session with me where we discuss practical steps to help you move forward in your business. I will share my experiences (the good and not so good) and give advice surrounding your topics so you can feel confident making necessary, strategic changes in your business.

2.) An agenda will be prepared following your form submission. I will review all of your responses to create a structured call strategy. This will be sent to you prior to our call.

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