Blueberry Scone Brunch Box


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The Brunch Collection inspires those to gather round, whether it be in person or virtually, to enjoy each others company. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or even a mid day snack with tea, the Brunch Box was designed to be shared and enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

+Iveta Scone Mix- Blueberry 
Iveta Blueberry Scone Mix, made with plump and delicious berries and a hint of vanilla. Perfect for your morning scones. With all natural taste and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, these dried blueberries meet the standards of our high quality Iveta scones.

Enriched, unbleached wheat flour (niacin, iron, thiamin, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), organic sugar, dried blueberries, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate), vanilla powder (dextrose) and salt.

Allergen information: this product contains wheat.

+Wildly Delicious- Lemon Curd or Blueberry Preserves or Berry Spread
Any of these spreads is a good and delicious choice! Tt can be spread on scones, toast and other foods, and it may also be used as a filling for desserts such as cookies, tarts and pies. Unit Size: 6.3 US fl oz

+The Spice House- Vanilla Bean Sugar
On a cold winter weekend morning, nothing brings friends together like something warm and comforting for breakfast. This Vanilla bean sugar, blended with rich Bourbon Islands vanilla beans and pure cane sugar, adds magic to French toast, oatmeal, or plain old buttered toast.

+Gold Leaf Tea Spoon

+ 3 Inch White Ceramic Bowl

Box of Your Choice
White Satin Ribbon
White Crinkle Fill
Florals Optional at Checkout