Lavender + Pine

At Lavender + Pine, we combine the highest quality products with beautiful packaging, ensuring that each gift curation is an extension of your event's unique aesthetic or brand's identity. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to intentionality, we transform the act of gifting into an experience for your recipients. From our beautiful packaging to our unique product selection, we make every step of the gifting process seamless and stress free!

Hello and welcome!

I’m Alexandra. The face, heart and curator behind Lavender + Pine.

I was born and raised in Westchester County, New York and currently living in Fairfield County, CT with my husband Marc and rescue dog, Callie. I'm very grateful to have grown up in an incredibly loving and welcoming home with two amazing parents; both equally hard working and brilliant. I'm 1 of 3 siblings: the middle child and only girl so there were more matchbox cars over barbies and playing with frogs over playing princess. I wear black 90% of the time and a HUGE fan of movies and music. My perfect evening includes a glass of wine, a perfectly cooked porterhouse and a good movie with my husband.

I’m Christmas obsessed (obviously), Rock & Alternative are my music genres of choice, I enjoy all things culinary, an avid reader of personal development, lover of coffee, and prefers laid- back luxuries.

Want a peak into the polished and unpolished behind the scenes?

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I was in the market for gift boxes that were chic, useful and beautiful. Naturally, I hit Pinterest looking for inspo but came up pretty short in what exactly I was looking for. The gifts looked the same and were full of items that would have landed in a junk drawer down the line.

I ended up going to a number of my favorite local shops to start collecting some goodies, found really nice crates and began assembling!

The feedback I received was a lighbulb moment for me and I didn't realize there were so many other people that had a similar style so I took the leap and created L+P as a side hustle!

I partnered my love for helping people, my 10 year career of client services in the corporate world and my creative mind for curating high end, useful gifts.

What started out as baskets for parties has evolved into a custom luxury gift service event and business professionals. I’ve turned a hobby into a full-service business that transforms ALL of the gifting logistics (thought, sourcing, taste testing, candle smelling, assembling, card writing, bow tying, delivering and everything in between) into a seamless and exciting experience for my clients and their guests!

why the name, LAVENDER + pine?

It's a sweet nod to my childhood. Growing up, my mom would keep lavender sachets in our drawers to keep everything smelling fresh. It’s my favorite scent, has incredible benefits and gives an overral sense of calm. Pine represents the wooden boxes we use for some of our gifts. Fresh pine is also my favorite holiday scent which is why we add fresh pine sprigs to our gifts during Christmas time!