Custom Gift Boxes for Wedding Professionals

Welcome Wedding Planners, Photographers and Pros!

Do you love beautiful, thoughtful details and want to elevate your client experience? Let us help you! We know you adore your clients and you pride yourself in making them feel appreciated, welcomed and excited to work with you so let's add to that excitement and create a stellar experience.

Wedding Professionals Nationwide use our gifting services for: Client onboarding and offboarding gifts, welcome gifts for hosted workshops and virtual events, vendor appreciation giftingwedding welcome gifting for thier clients, Holiday Gifting and more!

If you don't need the full custom experience, our Semi- Custom gifting service also allows you to add your logo to any gifts in our curated shop !

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the custom process

is custom gifting for you?

Let's break it down to see if custom gifting is the way to go!

+ You have a clear understanding of your brand message, your goals for gifting, and ideal just need help with gift ideas and execution!


+ You have a gift strategy in mind for an event, workshop or any other cohort that needs to be brought to life and completely outsourced to a team who can fulfill your project.


+ You would like to fully automate this process and need 12 or more of one custom gift design to send on-demand or all at once for your clients or special events. No more decision overwhelm!

..not sure about custom? check out our Semi-Custom Gifting program!

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