Our Custom Wedding Welcome Gift Experience: the FAQ's

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding welcome gifts, products and process!
If you don't see your question below or want to discuss anything involving the process, please reach out to us at hello@lavenderandpinegifting.com or call (914) 319-2404 and we are happy to help!

Timing & Quantities:

What is the lead time for Custom Welcome Gifts?

All orders must be placed 6-10+ weeks before the event date. Your date is not scheduled until our Service Agreement is signed. Gifts should be dropped off at the hotel locations 1-2 days prior to the first guest checking in. If you’re cutting it close, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you! Rush fees may apply to projects less than 6 weeks out.

Can I still purchase welcome gifts if we are less than 6 weeks out from my wedding? Will rush fees be applied?

Custom projects less than 5 weeks out from your event date are subject to availability and a rush fee.

What is the minimum gift quantity for custom gifts?

Our custom gifting minimum is 24. General rule of thumb is one gift per room in your hotel block. If you would like to add extra gifts in the event of a last minute added guest, your vendors or prefer one gift per person, just let us know. Don't forget those that book rooms outside of your block or at different hotels!

What if more people RSVP yes then planned?

RSVPs are typically final about one month out from the wedding day. We will do our best to accommodate any additional gifts outside of your original order. Please note that once an order is placed, the number of gifts can only increase, not decrease, as the inventory will already be ordered.

Pricing Information:

How much are custom welcome gifts? 

Budget is always discussed upfront during the design process to ensure we are a good fit for your needs! As a point of reference, a full-service custom project typically starts at $2,000 including design, assembly and delivery.

Some hotels charge a fee for distribution, is this covered?

We recommend reaching out to your hotels beforehand to confirm if they do or do not charge any fees for distributing gifts. This is to avoid any unwanted surprises during the project. We will also ask what their policies are during our coordination and introduction process to double confirm in writing. We are not responsible for any fees associated with hotels, AirBnb's or venues. Some hotels also do not receive packages so please ask your hotels about this as well.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the level of customization for welcome gifts, we do not offer refunds. All of our orders are final sale. If an issue needs to be discussed, please call us at (914) 319-2404 .

Products & Stationery

Someone else is designing my stationery (gift tags, itineraries, welcome notes) can you include them in the gifts?

Yes! We are happy to coordinate with your designer and ask for the details of the paper goods you want included so we can provide the correct dimensions and make sure everything is communicated properly. All stationery must arrive at our location at least 2-3 weeks before assembly or you are subject to a $5 per gift rush fee. For stationery sent directly to us from a designer, we require tracking information to monitor the shipments. We are not responsible for lost/delayed packages, shipping damages, errors, typos or missing quantities.

Our printing partner is Tulaloo.com and can design beautiful elements that match your wedding vibe for you as well!

What if I purchased/want you to include a specific item?

Simply let us know and we can discuss! Recommended products (ie. specific baked goods from a hometown bakery, exclusive products only sold in boutique markets etc.) are subject to a 20% coordination/handling fee per item (receiving, quality control, damaged products, packaging disposal etc). Fees increase on products that need additional coordination and handling like folding, re-packaging etc. For products sent directly to us from a designer, we require tracking information to monitor the shipments. We are not responsible for lost/delayed packages, shipping damages, errors, or missing quantities. We can absolutely coordinate re-delivery with your vendor on damaged items.

Hotel Delivery & Shipping

Where do you deliver?

Domestic Shipping: We ship to hotels, venues and AirBnb's Nationwide! We work with your location contacts to determine shipping times and coordination while keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Note: some hotels charge for receiving or don't accept shipments. Shipping charges depend on project size.

International Shipping: We only work with Event Planners regarding International events due to the logistical nature of customs. Pallet delivery from the US to your destination is required. 

Local/ Tri-State Delivery: 

We offer in-person delivery to all locations in 60 miles from Norwalk, CT. Delivery fees will vary based total mileage, number of locations and current gas prices. This will be in your proposal!

Please Note:

Sometimes an item can be become out of stock or not available after we order. Here's what we do..

Sometimes, vendors will notify us even after we placed an order that an item is no longer in stock or taking longer than expected to accommodate the quantities needed. Due to the fluctuating marketplace, these things do happen, but we have plenty of experience with solutions. Rest assured, it's our job to find an alternative option that is of equal value and similar design to add to your wedding welcome gifts. We will notify you of this change so you are aware.