Fulfillment Services: Let Us Pull, Pack and Ship For You!

Looking for a fulfillment partner? You're in the right place!
By outsourcing your fulfillment needs to a gift company, your packaging will not only be elevated and on brand but our storage facilities are designed and organized for an efficient pull, pack and shipping workflow! 
Either send us your own products, pick from our products, or do a combination of both for your gifts. As your dedicated fulfillment partner, we help with the sourcing, sorting, curating, storage, packaging and shipping of products and gifts to your recipients.

fulfillment Service benefits

✓ Saves You Time 

✓ Frees Up Your Space

✓ Improves Your Workflows

✓ Increases Reach + Scalability

✓ Leverage Our Shipping Resources

✓ Options to Customize Your Unboxing Experiences

✓ Expert + Elevated Packaging

✓ Inventory Management + Reporting

✓ Automated Order Placing

Why Choose us?

Many online gifting platforms outsource fulfillment to third party fulfillment centers which can sometimes lead to supply issues and delayed communication. With having all of these services in house, Lavender + Pine cuts out the middleman and has full control of your inventory, storage and shipping logistics. You know where your inventory is, who is handling it and you have a direct line of communication to us should you ever need inventory reporting, an update on shipments or need changes to your gifts. There are quite a few gift companies to choose from and we encourage you to work with whoever is the best fit for your needs.

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